Roadside Assistance Operator FAQ’s

Can I use an impact gun to loosen the nuts and bolts as well as tighten the lugs when I install the tire back on the vehicle?2022-03-01T00:46:43+00:00

Impact guns can be used when you are removing the damaged tire off the vehicle prior to installing the EZ spare. We recommend you use a lug wrench to tighten to lug nuts or bolts after you have securely placed the EZ spare tire on the vehicle. It is important to not over torque the nuts or bolts, however they must be tight and secure.

Do I need a separate torque wrench or can I rely on my impact gun’s setting?2022-03-01T00:47:35+00:00

We do not recommend using impact guns or torque sticks when installing wheels. Impact guns can damage hardware and wheel finish. Some vehicles, such as Porsches, require the use of special sockets to tighten the hardware without damaging their anodized coating. Impact gun torque can vary widely from low torque (resulting in loose wheels) to extremely high torque (resulting in damage or broken hardware).

What size sockets do I use on my impact gun and lug wrench? Will different size sockets be required based on the vehicle?2022-03-01T00:47:52+00:00

Read the owner’s manual and find the correct socket size, which is often in the section on fitting the spare tire and the most common sizes are: 17, 19, 21 and 23mm.

What tools should I have when installing the EZ spare besides the items in the hardware kit?2022-03-01T00:48:11+00:00

Professional jack stands, professional jack to raise and lower vehicle, lug wrench or professional impact gun, torque wrench, tire tread gauge, tire pressure gauge, wheel lock removal tool, socket set, compressor with lines to fill sufficient amount of air in tire, orange safety cones or approved caution signs to place behind vehicle, safety gloves, orange safety vest.

Can I purchase additional parts, carrying bags and hardware boxes online from EZ Spare?2022-03-01T00:52:06+00:00

All the various size adapters, bolts, nuts, hub rings, mounting tool, torx key, plastic hardware box, carrying bags, retail tire changing kit, rubber O rings, can be purchased from EZ Spare wheel.

Contact: sales@ezsparewheel.com or call 1-800-941-9302 to place your order of any quantity. Shipping charges vary by number of parts but are based on UPS rates.

Can the wheel fit a 4 x 4 vehicle?2022-03-01T00:52:48+00:00

This is possible, is not recommended for long journeys. (test carried out already and there were no issues) Always check the EZ Spare Fitment Guide for proper size of the wheel to use.

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