The EZ Spare product line delivers performance and reliability to a wide range of customers. Our objective is to earn a consumer’s trust and business by delivering the best results possible and assurances that an investment in our products will provide value for many years.

To ensure this value, we warranty all our products from the moment you purchase*, giving you peace of mind that your investment will be protected. You can find a breakdown of our warranties below.

EZ Universal Spare

A limited lifetime warranty up to 10 years on the structure of the wheel with conditional usage. *We are not responsible for cosmetic or road hazard damage to the wheel.

EZ Spare Tires

The EZ Spare space saver tires carry a standard limited tire warranty up to 2500 miles with conditional usage.
*We are not responsible for road hazard damage to the tire.

The assessment of any warranty claim and the recognition of a needed replacement or repair of the wheel jack under the warranty must be carried out by an EZ Spare employee.

All replacement products will be shipped at the buyer’s expense.

*We are not responsible for any defect or damage with any of our products if not notified within the 15 day period after receipt. This is why we suggest and require a test installation of the EZ Spare product line.